The Advantages of Using a Data Center

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Michael Marlowe formerly served as managing partner of Columbus, Ohio-based M.Marlowe Consulting, where he worked with CEOs and COOs to help them increase revenue and cut costs. Also a skilled telecommunications broker, he is the director of strategy and vice president of new markets with Chasetek, also in Columbus, Ohio. In this role, Michael Marlowe applies his knowledge and experience with telecommunications and technology offerings, including data centers, which provide many benefits to businesses and organizations. The following are just a few:

Cost savings. Rather than purchasing new equipment as it becomes obsolete, businesses can contract a third-party data center to store their data on the latest equipment.

Speed. Setting up or updating a data center can take organizations as long as two years to complete. By choosing a third-party data center operator, the wait time can be reduced by two to four months.

Flexibility. Data centers allow organizations to utilize more or fewer resources as their data storage needs change. Furthermore, organizations only pay for the resources they use.

Risk Mitigation. By using a data center, organizations can eliminate the risk of losing their data in the event of an emergency at their headquarters.