Contact Center as a Service – Industry-Changing Infrastructure Service


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Contact Center as a Service

A native of Columbus, OH, Michael Marlowe graduated from The Ohio State University with a bachelor of arts in economics. Michael Marlowe now serves as director of strategy and vice president of new markets for Columbus, OH-based Chasetek, which procures cloud and technology services, including Contact Center as a Service.

A cloud-based service, Contact Center as a Service (CCaaS) allows businesses to use the technology and infrastructure of a contact center to enhance customer service and improve operations. CCaaS especially benefits companies that use specific hardware or software. This model generates savings by allowing companies to rent the technology and services they need instead of outlaying major capital expenses for purchase.

The CCaaS model also benefits businesses that need a certain technology only during limited peak-load times throughout the year. A scalable solution, CCaaS allows businesses to increase or decrease their access as demand shifts.

Additional benefits of the CCaaS model include access to the latest technology at all times and the technology maintenance provided by its owner. Clients also can opt to own their own technology and contract a CCaaS company to maintain it. As a flexible, rapidly evolving solution, CCaaS can help businesses take their customer service to the next level while generating considerable cost savings.