How Does a Virtual Private Network Work?

Virtual Private Network pic
Virtual Private Network

Columbus, OH, professional Michael Marlowe leverages over a decade of experience in the technology infrastructure and telecommunications industry as director of strategy and vice president of new markets for Chasetek. As vice president of the Columbus, OH-based firm, Michael Marlowe developes long-term strategic initiatives for a portfolio of nearly 2,000 clients across over 10,000 sites.

Chasetek’s client base benefits from access to an array of technology solutions that include wireless solutions, inventory management, and security services such as virtual private networks (VPN). VPNs utilize a dedicated server to allow secure and private internet access.

A VPN also relies on software known as a VPN client. Rather than directly access the internet, a VPN user first opens the VPN client which encrypts data before sending it to the server. The server then passes information to the internet website. This not only protects user data, but also location since internet data is tied to the VPN server’s location rather than the user’s location.